AP-S General Submission Topics

1.1Antenna theory
1.2Antenna feeds and matching circuits
1.3Mutual coupling in antenna arrays
1.4Dielectric resonator antennas
1.5Microstrip antennas, arrays, and circuits
1.6Slotted and guided wave antennas
1.7Phased-array antennas
1.8Reflector and reflectarray antennas
1.9Electrically small antennas
1.10Broadband / ultra-wideband antennas
1.11Multi-band antennas
1.12Adaptive, active, and smart antennas
1.13Reconfigurable antennas and arrays
1.14Millimetre-wave, sub-mm-wave, and terahertz antennas
2Electromagnetics and Materials
2.15Electromagnetic theory
2.16Electromagnetic material properties and measurements
2.17Frequency-selective surfaces
2.18Electromagnetic bandgap materials
2.19Metamaterials and metasurfaces
2.21Electromagnetic education
3Computational and Numerical Techniques
3.22High frequency and asymptotic methods
3.23Integral equation methods
3.24FDTD methods
3.25FEM methods
3.26Hybrid methods
3.27Other numerical methods
3.28Techniques for transient simulations
3.29Optimization methods in EM designs
3.30Parallel and special-processor based numerical methods
4Propagation and Scattering
4.31Indoor, urban, terrestrial, and ionospheric propagation
4.32Propagation and scattering in random or complex media
4.33Scattering, diffraction, and RCS
4.34Inverse scattering and imaging
4.35Remote sensing
5Antenna Applications and Emerging Technologies
5.36Biomedical applications
5.37MIMO implementations and applications
5.38Mobile and PCS antennas
5.39RFID antennas and systems
5.40Ultra wideband systems
5.41Vehicular antennas and electromagnetics
5.42Software-defined / cognitive radio
5.43On-chip antennas
5.44Wireless power transmission and harvesting
5.453D printed antennas and structures