FD-10: Modern Radome Design and Performance Analysis

Henry A Burger, Tommy Lam

Sunday, July 19, 08:00 - 17:00


This course is a comprehensive treatment of modern radome technology, from fundamental concepts to advanced levels. The course covers a review of radome materials, design, analysis, and testing. The course emphasizes basic engineering principles as well as advanced electromagnetic computational methods such as ray tracing, Finite Element Method (FEM) and Method of Moments (MOM), plus evaluation of antenna/radome interactions for a complete radome system analysis. Advanced topics include precision materials measurements, FSS radome design, and radome repairs. Special radome environmental considerations will be presented. It is structured for both experienced practitioners (who will be encouraged to contribute) and those who are new to the subject.


Henry A. Burger received his BSEE in 1965, MSEE in 1966, both from Washington State University with additional work at University of Washington, MBA in 1974 from Seattle University. He was first licensed as a PE in 1971. He was at Boeing in Seattle from 1966 to 1976, Goodyear Aerospace in Arizona from 1976 to 1990, in private practice as HB Engineers until 1999, Jampro Antennas from 1999 to 2000, Department of the Navy (Navair) from 2001 to present, serving as the Antennas and Radomes Subject Matter Expert. He is a Life Senior Member of IEEE, Licensed Member of NSPE, Senior Member of AMTA, and past member of ARFTG. He served the Phoenix Section of IEEE in several capacities, and was the founder of the IEEE Phoenix Area Consultants Network. His interest in radomes and measurements started with AWACS while he was at Boeing, and he has furthered and applied his knowledge in these subjects ever since.

Tommy Lam is a Lockheed Martin Fellow, specializing in antenna/radome research and development. He holds a BSEE from SUNY Buffalo, and a MSEE from NYU-Poly. He has published over several dozen technical papers and journal articles, and has 6 patent awards plus 4 pending. He has over 25+ year experience in radome design, manufacturing and testing. His radome experience includes C-130 Combat Talon nose radome, E-2C EW radomes, MH-60R MMR radomes, UHF-S Band EW null steering radomes. He has served as the IEEE Communication Society Binghamton Chapter Chair since 2012; he has found the IEEE APS Binghamton Chapter in 2014 and elected as the chair in 2015; and he has served as the IEEE Binghamton Section Secretary since 2013. He has a New York State PE license since 1994. He was a recipient of the 2012 Asian American Engineer of the Year (AAEOY) award.